Thursday, 19 July 2012


Diamonds are timeless. And we don’t need to be told twice that they’re a girl’s best friend! Whether you wear them around your neck, as earrings, as a bracelet or just a brooch, the precious stone always stand out amongst the rest of your outfit. Diamonds have always dominated the scene of weddings, galas, evening parties or other big occasions where looking extraordinary is a must! Celebrity icons are seen with these precious stones to match their satin or velvety outfits. Over the course of time, shoe designers have came up with great ideas to incorporate diamonds into footwear.

Diamante Encrusted High Heel Stilettos - £45

Diamantes are a huge fashion trend due to the fact that the glitz and glam of diamonds is recreated at a more affordable cost, not sacrificing any style but allowing us to stand out in a crowd. Elegance goes hand in hand with a pair of Diamante encrusted shoes.

High Heel Diamante Encrusted Platform Courts - £40

The subtle shimmers of diamante shoes will turn heads and catch the eyes of onlookers on a night out or any dress up event. They can be applied with versatility to give many outfits that extra spark and keep you looking your best!

Diamante Covered Satin High Heels - £40

A new twist to the Diamante shoe trend is the appearance of tinted Diamantes!
Shoes that have a natural colour changing glow to them when hit with the light are not the easiest to come by. If the gentle glistening of Diamantes alone was not eye-catching enough, the hints of mesmeric colour changes as you move your feet will be sure to get the job done!

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