Thursday, 26 July 2012


Somewhere between the flat ballerinas and the super high platform shoes, someone smart invented the flatforms! Perfect for people who do not like the pain that can sometimes come with wearing high heels, or for people who generally prefer the flatter forms of footwear! Last summer these super high, yet fairly comfortable shoes became both a high street and high end trend, and they’re back in all their glory this year!
What’s so appealing about these shoes is the 80′s feel they add to an outfit. Imagine a pair of cut off denim shorts, a white boyfriend shirt and a pair of keyhole sunglasses? The perfect festival outfit!

£20 - Flatform Chunky Sole Trainers

Give your figure those crucial extra inches while retaining a fully comfortable stride in your step. These shoes are an excellent and good all rounded footwear choice that will surprise you with adaptability to your wardrobe!

£25 - Flatform Chunky Sole High Top Trainers